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Step 1: Find your beef

Browse through the site and the different farms to see what beef you would like to purchase. You can read about each farm and their practices to ensure that they align with what you feel is important.

Step 2: Checkout

As you checkout you'll note that shipping is free (hurray!!), but the minimum order is 10 pounds. The minimum order is necessary for us to ensure shipping is efficient and that we can offer the beef to you at a reasonable price.

Step 3: Shipping

All our shipping is done with UPS, and the beef is kept frozen using dry ice. We pack enough dry ice for it to last more than 12 hours after delivery so if you're not home when it's delivered it's not a problem. Should your package be delayed and arrive in a poor condition, we will offer you a refund. We guarantee all shipments! See this link for information on when orders are shipped.



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