100% Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-Fed, and Grass-Finished Beef

Grass-Fed Beef Short Ribs English Style


~2 lb - 3 lb ea.

Bone in. Very flavorful, moist and tender when braised.

Best prepared using dry heat for thinner cuts, moist heat for thicker cuts. Less tender Short Ribs require a long, slow cooking time to tenderize. The result is moist tender full-flavored ribs. Braising Short Ribs with wine, vegetables, seasoning and stock enhances taste and tenderness.

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Grass-Fed Beef Back Ribs


~3 lb - 4 lb ea.

Back ribs are flavorful, and great when cooked on the grill.

Best prepared using moist or dry heat. Braising results in tender, juicy ribs that can be sauced and finished on the grill. More tender Back Ribs can also be grilled and glazed for charbroiled flavor. Split back ribs in half for finger friendly appetizer rib bites.

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