100% Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-Fed, and Grass-Finished Beef

Grass-Fed Beef Kidney


~1 lb - 2 lb ea.

High in nutritional value, kidney is often used sautéed or in stir fry. Best when cooked through, but not overcooked as it can get chewy quickly.

Grass-Fed Beef Heart
Sold out
Grass-Fed Beef Heart


~2 lb - 3 lb ea.

Many swear by beef heart as a substitute for steak, just sautéed and then served as a steak salad, while others prefer to slow cook it. It has some fat on it, which is best trimmed away before cooking.

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Grass-Fed Beef Fat Pieces


~3.0 lb ea.

Packed with flavor and nutrients, these are pieces of grass-fed and grass finished flavorful beef fat. Excellent for rendering your own beef tallow or for adding to any dish of your choice if you are looking to up your fat intake.

Please note that it is NOT beef tallow, and it is NOT ground down. It is fat pieces, typically kidney fat. We are working with our butcher to also offer tallow.