Family N Farm, KS

We are excited to offer pork from Family N Farm. The Neill's founded Family N Farm in 2017. They raise quality natural Berkshire pork, a heritage breed known for the highest meat quality.

They raise their hogs in deep straw bedded hoop barns and large outdoor pens. They use antibiotics sparingly, only when needed to treat individual pigs sorted for select markets after that.

It's no surprise that the Neill's love pigs! Corey (Owner) has been around pigs his entire life, helping his family raise market hogs, breeding stock, and show pigs. Corey Neill quickly introduced Megan Neill (Wife) to pigs when they met in 2003, and she has never turned back!

Family N Farm is indeed a family operation. Corey and Megan's three boys (Ashton - 12), August - 10, and Elias - 7) are an essential part of their process, helping with daily chores, farrowing, and caring for the animals. Corey and Megan's parents are also important in building their success with hoop barns, daily tasks, delivering products, and advocating our business.

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