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Foresee Ranch

Foresee Ranch

Foresee Ranch was founded by Ron and Mary Ciais in 2005. Ron and Mary’s dream was to create a 2000 acre ranch that grew healthy Texas Longhorn Cattle while maintaining the land in a healthy, sustainable way that ensures that the ranch will last for many generations. The cattle are handled always in a humane manner utilizing many of Dr. Temple Grandin’s designs in corrals to reduce stress for the animals.

Foresee ranch brings you Longhorn ground beef, which is one of the most flavorful beef that exists. Something very special!

Most of the time the cattle freely roam on 2000 pristine mountain acres. They exclusively use horses to move and work with the cattle honoring the original ranching methods of the West. The goal of the ranch is not only to preserve the land but to honor and preserve the family farm and to showcase how that can be done while strictly adhering to humane practices always.

Ron and Mary believe and many of their local customers would agree with them, that their beef is exceptional in quality because of the extraordinary way it is raised in the mountains of Washington state with clear air, clean water and excellent grass. The animals are born and raised grass-fed from start to finish, Ron and Mary wouldn’t have it any other way.

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