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All FarmFoods orders are carefully packaged with dry ice and insulating materials for the freshest travel from our farms to your table. Our commitment to preserving the cold chain across the country has significant financial implications, so in support of giving you the best produce from our land, FarmFoods orders must be at least $69 to qualify for purchase and delivery. Please help yourself and enjoy the experience of tasting our authentic cuts as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

Heritage Pork

Heritage Pork Bacon (Fresh)


~1.0 lb ea.

This is completely uncured non-smoked fresh side bacon with no additives at all. Sometimes this is called "DIY Bacon" as it has not gone through any processing at all.

Absolutely delicious heritage pork bacon. Enjoy with your eggs for breakfast, on a hamburger, as a salad topper, or wrap it around meatloaf or a steak.

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Heritage Pork Ground


~1 lb ea.

Ground pork to use in meatballs, patties, for making your own breakfast sausage etcetera.

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Heritage Pork Bacon Applewood (Smoked)


~12 oz ea.

Twelve hour smoked bacon, free of any added nitrates to ensure natural taste and flavor.