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All FarmFoods orders are carefully packaged with dry ice and insulating materials for the freshest travel from our farms to your table. Our commitment to preserving the cold chain across the country has significant financial implications, so in support of giving you the best produce from our land, FarmFoods orders must be at least $69 to qualify for purchase and delivery. Please help yourself and enjoy the experience of tasting our authentic cuts as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

Heritage Pork

Heritage Pork Spare Rib Rack


~3 lb - 5 lb ea.

From the belly side of the pig's rib. The spare ribs are flatter and contain more bone and less meat than other ribs. They also contain more fat though which can make the meat more tender than other rib meat.

From pastured, hormone free heritage Berkshire pigs brought up on a nutritious all-vegetarian diet (forage and feed) given no unnecessary antibiotics

Heritage Pork Rib Rack


~4 lb - 5 lb ea.

Pork ribs that are great for barbeque or smoking. The Country style ribs are cut closer to the shoulder and typically a little meatier than other ribs.