FarmFoods Affiliate Program

Welcome to the FarmFoods Affiliate Program

About FarmFoods:

  • We sell 100% grassfed and finished beef online
  • The beef comes directly from local family farms
  • On our website users can read and watch videos about the farms
  • The beef is shipped with UPS and Fedex directly to the customers home
  • Shipping is free for all orders of more than 10 pounds
  • We ship nationally in the US

About the affiliate program:

  • We pay 4% commission, with a 30 day window
  • Average order size is $120 (on average, $16 commission per order)
  • 4% conversion ratio on average, and as high as 10% conversion ratio for clicks coming from users already aware of advantages of grassfed beef, healthy eating, and buying local
  • We have by far the lowest prices on grassfed beef, lower than Wholefoods/Amazon Fresh, and far lower than other online alternatives => better conversion ratio
  • As we are NOT a subscription service, the customer commitment is much lower which explains our high conversion ratios
  • As we are the only online retailer of beef where you know which farm it the beef is from we see very high conversion rates for key customer groups (healthy eating, paleo, local food, environmental awareness, etc)
  • We do not follow a "box model" where users are forced into buying cuts of beef they may not want. You can choose exactly which cuts you want => better conversion ratio

Ideal partners:

  • Reach an audience of consumers interested in organic, local, and healthy food.
  • Reach an audience of consumers that are aware of the advantages of buying directly from the farm, and advantage of chemical free (no antibiotics, no hormones) and grassfed beef
  • Reach an audience of affluent, busy and online savvy consumers that are open to buying food online
  • Are authentic, honest and passionate communicators sending a message inline with the FarmFoods brand (healthy food, transparent sourcing, local and environmentally friendly, support local community, humane animal treatment)

We are open to putting together a custom program with custom offerings for exceptional partners.

How to join:

  • FarmFoods Affiliate Program is managed by ShareASale. ShareASale keeps track of all orders that are generated by clicks that come from your site and act as a third party ensuring that you get the compensation you are promised. ShareASale is the market leader in running affiliate programs, and has been in business for more than 18 years.
  • To join FarmFoods Affiliate Program, you need to sign up for a ShareASale account. You can do that on the bottom of this page
  • Once you have an account set up, you apply to join FarmFoods Affiliate Program within the ShareASale user interface.

How it works:

  • Once you have joined the program you will be given a unique link to FarmFoods. Any users on your website that click on this link and then buy products from FarmFoods are credited to you
  • For any orders that come from users from your website you are paid 4% commission. On average, users order for $200 from FarmFoods, and on average your commission is therefore ~$8
  • If a user clicks on your unique link from your website but doesn't immediately buy from FarmFoods you still will get credited as long as they buy within 30 days of clicking the link
  • Commission payouts come from ShareASale, and they monitor and track all orders


Please do not hesitate to contact us on if you have any questions!

Click here to go to FarmFoods Affiliate Programs website on ShareASale where you can start the process of signing up to join!