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Grass-Fed Beef London Broil - FarmFoods
Grass-Fed Beef London Broil - FarmFoods
Grass-Fed Beef London Broil - FarmFoods
Grass-Fed Beef London Broil - FarmFoods

Grass-Fed Beef London Broil

1stmove Beef Beef:Steaks Beef_Roasts clearance grassfed no_antibiotics no_gmo no_hormones priceitem_Price_$15 to $20 priceitem_Price_$20 to $30 priceperpound_Price_P_Pound_$12 - $15 / lb product_type_Cut sustainably_raised weight_Weight_1.5lb to 2.0lb weight_Weight_16oz to 23oz weight_Weight_2lb to 3lb


How cows are raised on our farms

She is fed and finished on nutritious grass without any grains

She is never given antibiotics or hormones.

She freely roams the farm with her herd and lives peacefully

She is raised by multi-generational small family farmers who take care of her well being with pride

Product Details
~1 lb - 2 lb ea.

Also known as Top Round, this beef is typically marinated and grilled or broiled and then cut across the grains into thin slices. It's a very flavorful steak dinner that has a great price tag. Be careful not to cook the London Broil for too long as it can get dry and less tender that way.

Please note: Images shown above are examples. The cuts vary by farm and may look different.

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