Minimum purchase

All FarmFoods orders are carefully packaged with dry ice and insulating materials for the freshest travel from our farms to your table. Our commitment to preserving the cold chain across the country has significant financial implications, so in support of giving you the best produce from our land, FarmFoods orders must be at least $69 to qualify for purchase and delivery. Please help yourself and enjoy the experience of tasting our authentic cuts as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

Our Story

FarmFoods and our reason for doing this

Food has come to be anonymous, mass produced and far from anything that our ancestors, well even our grandparents, grew up eating. We want to make buying food to be personal again, bring back the authentic original concept of nourishing flavorful meats. From the farm, just like it once was. Authentic by definition means just that - being genuine, of undisputed origin, accurate and reliable.

  • FarmFoods and our reason for doing this
  • FarmFoods and our reason for doing this

Inspired by our founders' journey to eat healthier, we want to bring our learnings and favorite meats to you. FarmFoods is a simple concept:

  • Know where the meat is from, how the beef was raised, and what principles the farmer is following.
  • Confidence that meat should be affordable, without making sacrifices on quality.
  • Flexibility to choose what is right for you, your family and your budget. The role of FarmFoods is to bring affordable choices to consumers where information is trustworthy, and you can feel safe in what you are eating.
Our Story

In order to do all we can to meet the affordability criteria (we really want to be able to offer reasonable prices), we have chosen to be a lean operation. One example is that we may not have the fancy advertising materials or recipe cards that follow with a shipment, but instead we are striving to provide links to other sources of information and inspiration when it comes to meat and farm products. Our packaging uses standard materials, rather than more expensive and fancy material.

We were started because our founders were puzzled about how hard it is to find out where your meat comes from and how it has been raised. At FarmFoods you can buy beef of known origin at a reasonable price. You choose your beef that has been frozen and vacuum sealed at the height of freshness and we ship it to you.

An exciting new chapter began for the brand in 2021: FarmFoods was acquired by OpenStore and now even more consumers will have access to the FarmFoods experience while we uphold the brand’s values.

Enjoy your FarmFood, and reach out to us any time at support@farmfoodsmarket.com
if you have any comments or feedback on how we are doing! Contact us