Our Farms

From the farm, just like it once was. Authentic by definition means just that - being genuine, of undisputed origin, accurate and reliable.

Marksbury Farms

Based in Kentucky, renowned for its verdant grasslands, we are proud to bring you grass-fed protein from Marksbury Farms.

Marksbury Farms was started in 2010 by a cohort of environmentally conscious individuals, united by the ambition to nurture Kentucky's landscapes while supplying healthful, grass-fed protein to the market.

Marksbury Farm, besides being a name, represents a guarantee of quality and sustainability, reinforced by a unique program all participant farms adhere to. This program ensures each animal is treated with dignity, both on the farms and at their USDA-inspected processing facility in Garrard County, Kentucky.

Marksbury Farm's program sets industry standards, prohibiting the use of antibiotics, steroids, or added hormones. Their cattle are exclusively grass-fed while their hogs and chickens roam freely, foraging a large part of their diets.

Collaborating with local partner farms in Kentucky, they've fostered a network of sustainable, ethical farming practices. At FarmFoods, we're excited to offer you this responsibly-sourced protein, delivering not just food, but the dedication and ethos of Kentucky's finest farmers to your table.

Paradise Meats

For a dedicated span of 20 years, Paradise Meats has passionately committed themselves to the production and service of wholesome and sustainable meat products. Sourced from small family farms, they aim to promote an understanding of locally produced, natural food, always providing high-quality choices for conscious consumers.

Furthermore, Paradise Meats regularly participates in local and national smoked meat competitions. They proudly hold an impressive tally of over 150 awards for their smoked meats and sausages.

However, they don't rest on their laurels; they constantly strive to learn more from each competition, perpetually improving their products year after year.

Pasture Bird Farm

Pasturebird chickens enjoy the freedom of a natural life outdoors, foraging on pastures round the clock, all year round. They relish a diverse diet of grasses, bugs, seeds, and worms, supplemented by locally milled grain feed. Every single day, these birds experience fresh pastures, and not once in over six years of operation has the farm administered a vaccine, antibiotic, or any form of drug.

Run by a dedicated family, Pasturebird is deeply committed to the regenerative power of livestock raised on pastures. Their approach benefits not only the land and animals but also the surrounding community. We at FarmFoods feel privileged to have them as our source for genuinely pasture-raised chicken!

The Pasturebird difference is clear when compared to conventionally raised chicken:

  • Unlike conventional chickens, Pasturebird's birds live outside 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, enjoying the freedom of pastures.
  • Rather than being debeaked, Pasturebird’s chickens use their beaks and talons as nature intended, scratching and pecking for bugs, worms, grasses, seeds, and more.
  • They don't use antibiotics to fight disease within the flock. Instead, Pasturebird relies on healthy living conditions - pasture, sunshine, fresh air, and plenty of space - to prevent illness.
  • Dismissing the marketing trend of vegetarian-fed chicken (chickens are not natural vegetarians), Pasturebird encourages their chickens to enjoy as many bugs and worms as they desire, promoting a more natural diet.