Holiday shipping

Holiday shipping (Dec 10 - Dec 31)

During the holidays, shipping will work differently.

With the great quality meat we have from our partner farms we do not want to risk it getting spoiled due to shipping disruptions during the holidays. Therefore, during the holiday period (Dec 10 - Dec 31) we will be offering two forms of shipment options:

  • Free shipping, with no guarantee of delivery before the holidays. The majority of these orders will be shipped after Dec 31.
  • Expedited holiday shipping for $29.99. These orders will be sent using UPS / Fedex rush shipments. The precise delivery times for this option is listed below.


Expedited holiday shipping delivery schedule

 Order date Delivery date
Dec 9 - 16 Dec 12 - 24
Dec 17 - 31 Dec 26 - Jan 9