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100% Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-Fed, and Grass-Finished Beef

Grass-Fed Beef Skirt Steak


~1 lb - 2 lb ea.

A steak cut from the Plate part of the animal. It has a rich flavor and a long flat shape. Best prepared using dry heat including grilling, broiling and stir-frying.

Both as inside or outside skirt steak.

Grass-Fed Beef Filet Mignon / Tenderloin


~7 oz - 10 oz ea.

This high-end steak known for it's tenderness is derived from next to the Sirloin. It's a lean and succulent steak with subtle flavor and a fairly compact shape. It can be prepared on the grill, sauteed or stir fried. 100% grassfed meat from an organic and humane certified farm, no hormones or antibiotics.
Grass-Fed Beef Top Sirloin Steak


~7 oz - 10 oz ea.

This lean steak is versatile, juicy, tender and flavorful.

Best prepared with any dry heat cooking method including roasting, grilling, sautéing and smoking. Also, great for moist heat cooking -- a terrific cut for gourmet stews and stroganoffs.

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Grass-Fed Beef Hanger Steak
Sold out
Grass-Fed Beef Hanger Steak


~1 lb - 2 lb ea.

The Hanger Steak is derived from the Plate and has long been very popular in Europe for its tenderness and taste. It's also known as Bistro Steak and can be grilled or sautéed with light seasoning and marinated if desired.

Grass-Fed Beef Rib Eye Steak (boneless)


~10 oz - 16 oz ea.

Cut from the Rib, this is one of the most popular steaks in America as it is very flavorful and tender. Popular to grill or saute, just a few minutes on each side and then a rest of 5-10 minutes before its served.

Grass-Fed Beef Sirloin Tip Steak


~1 lb - 2 lb ea.

Both dry and moist cookery can be utilized. Ideal with a tenderizing marinade. For best quality, cook only to medium rare. Great when enhanced with value-added marinades, sauces, accompaniments and side dishes.

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Grass-Fed Beef London Broil


~1 lb - 2 lb ea.

Also known as Top Round, this beef is typically marinated and grilled or broiled and then cut across the grains into thin slices. It's a very flavorful steak dinner that has a great price tag. Be careful not to cook the London Broil for too long as it can get dry and less tender that way.

Grass-Fed Beef Flank Steak


~1 lb - 2 lb ea.

This cut comes from the flank and is a long cut of meat. With delicious flavor, this meat is often used for Fajitas or Stir Fry. It can be grilled, broiled or slow cooked and it's advised to cut it across the grain for increased tenderness.

Grass-Fed Beef Sirloin Bavette / Flap Steak


~2 lb - 3 lb ea.

A flavorful cut from the Bottom Sirloin. This is a thin steak, also know as Sirloin Flap, that tastes great with a marinade and then cooked on dry heat - on the grill or sauteed.

Grass-Fed Beef Chuck Eye Steak


~1 lb - 2 lb ea.

The Chuck Eye Steak is a rare and popular cut from the 5th rib of the cow. It's close to a Rib Eye in taste and tenderness, but as it's not quite a Rib Eye, the price is more attractive. Sautee or grill with light seasoning, can also be marinated.

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Grass-Fed Beef New York Steak (boneless)


~7 oz - 13 oz ea.

One of the most tender steaks that, while not as tender as Filet Mignon / Tender Loin, is larger and hence allows for larger steaks. A New York Steak is also known as Strip Steak or Strip Loin and comes from the Short Loin of the animal. It's an excellent choice for grilling and sauteing.