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Captain Tony

Captain Tony: "You buy your produce from the farmer. Why not buy your fish from the fisherman?"

We are incredibly excited to bring you wild caught Alaska Salmon from Tony and Heather Wood in Alaska!

Husband and wife team Tony and Heather (with their son Max) run a certified sustainable fishery operation: Tony has spent over 25 years as a sports fishing guide and a commercial fisherman and he is the captain of their boat named “the Oly”.

Heather processes the catch right after it’s delivered to shore, immediately flash freezing the fish at the the family’s own facility. Because the product is deep frozen very quickly after the catch and packaged in vacuum sealed bags all of the quality and freshness is maintained perfectly.

Heather and Tony are one of very few remaining independent family run companies that handles the whole process themselves, from being caught to being ready to eat!



The methods of fishing that Tony and Heather are using is designed to catch only the sustainable salmon, other species of fish and other wildlife are not harmed or caught.

Sockeye salmon is a renewable resource, and they strongly believe in the importance of treating the species and its habitat with the utmost respect and reverence.

Tony's and Heather's ask to consumers wanting to support the fishermen is:

“You buy your produce from the farmer. Why not buy your fish from the fisherman?”


Tony and Heather’s Mission is to:

1. Provide consumers and restaurants with the best premium wild Alaskan salmon they’ve ever tasted.
2. Tweaking the methods to providing the freshest wild salmon and other seafood products to customers as quickly as possible; and
3. To care for and protect the Alaskan wilderness.



Wild salmon tastes amazing, and also comes with some other great benefits:
* Free from artificial coloring, growth hormones, pharmaceuticals and other unnatural chemicals.
* High in Omega-3 oils which have been shown to lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart disease as well as lowering triglycerides.
* Abundant in essential nutrients and vitamins including Vitamins A, C, D and E, niacin and Vitamin B-12.
* A great source of protein.
* Low in saturated fats and low in calories

The sockeye salmon has a distinct red color, which preserves when you cook it as well. The color comes from the sockeye’s diet of plankton and krill.


 Please join us in supporting Tony and Heather on their great mission!