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Humboldt Farm, Northwestern CA

The family on this farm, not too far from Oregon, has been in the area for generations, active both in dairy and meat production. Their land consists of both valley land, where the cows are finished on nutritious grass from the rich soil, as well as more remote hill and pasture ground, where the herds live off the land without much intervention from (or even sometimes sight of) humans. Some areas are so remote that you have to drive cattle there with traditional methods, using horses and dogs instead of other more modern modes of transportation.

The cows are brought up and finished on grass only, sometimes supplemented by dried grass (hay). No hormones or antibiotics are used. Should an animal get sick and a vet has to be brought in who administers antibiotics for the animal to get well again, that animal will be sold as conventional meat and not be part of the cattle that is sold as premium, grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone-free meat.

This is a small family business, where external labor is used only rarely and where the family with their kids run the bulk of day-to-day operations.

We are very excited to bring meat from this farm to you!