Eden Farms

Eden Farms, Iowa

We’re so excited to introduce pork from Eden Farms in Iowa. The owner of this family ranch in Iowa, Kelly Biensen, has been called the godfather of Berkshires, one of the most well known breeds of heritage pork.

Kelly Biensen and his family have been raising hogs for over 40 years as a long-term supplier of heritage high-end pork for some of the finest chef-owned restaurants in America. The heirloom Berkshires are brought up in a healthy,  environmentally sustainable and humane way and the Biensens hold themselves accountable to a strict code of humane animal handling. They are very restrictive on use of antibiotics, which only would be given to individual animals if it’s deemed an absolute necessity. No hormones are ever used.

The pork is pastured on grass that is only fertilized by the pig manure left there by the hogs. The hogs eat a nutritious all-vegetarian diet (forage and feed).

As Kelly Biensen puts it: ‘ The Berkshire Pork and the animals we raise are the oldest breed of pork in existence today.  Eden Farms pork is known for its marbling and color which is the most tender and flavorful pork on the market.’

Try the bacon, hams or ribs or any other pork product from Eden farm and we think you will not want to go back to store-bought pork again.