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All FarmFoods orders are carefully packaged with dry ice and insulating materials for the freshest travel from our farms to your table. Our commitment to preserving the cold chain across the country has significant financial implications, so in support of giving you the best produce from our land, FarmFoods orders must be at least $69 to qualify for purchase and delivery. Please help yourself and enjoy the experience of tasting our authentic cuts as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

Porangahau Farm

Porangahau Station is located in the Hawkes Bay and trades under Kaiangawahia Partnership, Kaiangawahia translates as “the land of plenty of wood”.

The Station is run by the Gordon Family, headed by Mike and Lou, who are the 3rd generation of Gordon’s to run the farm and the 4th generation is being trained up! Sustainability and care of the land is most important to the family as this means the Station will continue to provide for generations to come.

There is a total area of 1,600 hectares on which is farmed 600 Angus cows, 800 2 year old steers, 200 2 year old heifers, 550 mixed sex weaners and 3000 trading lambs.

Their secrets to obtaining superior meat quality are fresh green grass, the healthy coastal country the Station is located in, a stress free farm management system and the breed of cattle reared.

The working day is season dependent but always involves everyone getting hands on involved to get the job done so family time can be enjoyed.
Family involvement is a great source of pride for the Station along with the knowledge they are producing a high quality product for consumers.