Silver Fern Cooperative

Clean water, fresh air and the most delicious grass is plentifully available in New Zealand where the Silver Fern Cooperative raises its grassfed cattle in harmony with and with respect for nature.
A temperate climate and year round diet of rich grass creates the qualities that all beef lovers are looking for – richly flavored, fine textured, naturally lean and nutritious meat.
  • The beef is 100% grassfed and grass finished
  • No antibiotics or hormones are used
  • Born and raised in New Zealand where GMOs are illegal
A premier selection of Angus beef and unlike most of US raised grassfed and grass finished beef, the New Zealand beef is tested and graded and also aged a minimum of 21 days.
Since 1948 Silver Fern Cooperative has been bringing high quality New Zealand meats to its customers and has grown to be globally known to cater to those who care about responsibly raised natural meats. Sustainability is an integral part of not just how Silver Fern Cooperative operates and works, but it's also part of how its member farmers live their lives.

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