Sutphen Mill Farms


Sutphen Mill Farms is a third-generation farm that is owned and managed by the Duffy family. The farm was homesteaded by our Grandfather in the Sutphen Mill Community in Dickinson County Kansas in the late 1800’s. We use our pastures to specialize in all natural grassfed and grass finished beef.

The farm is on the western edge of the Kansas Flint Hills which makes our native grass pastures perfect for raising and finishing our red and black angus cattle on grass. Several years ago, we recognized the benefits of grassfed beef for its quality and the health it provides to our family. All our cattle are born on native grass pastures, fence line weaned and raised on our pastures. They remain on the pasture, so they can finish on grass before they are taken to the processor harvest. The cattle are never given hormones or antibodies, never given grain and never in a feed lot.



About Sutphen Mill: In 1872 W. H. Sutphen settled on an estate on what is now Sutphen Mill. He erected a gristmill that was propelled by water from the nearby creek and by 1878 and in 1879 it became the town of Sutphen Mill. At that time, it had a post office, stores and numerous residences. Sutphen Mill became a trading center for the grain and livestock raising rural community. Like many small towns in Kansas by the 1960’s only a church and a few residences remained in Sutphen Mill.

About Flint Hills: This is North Americas largest tallgrass prairie. Gentle, rolling terrain found within Kansas Flint Hills is where you'll find the last remaining vestige of the Great Plains of America. The best grazing land in North America.

“I am not so sure but the prairies and plains, while less stunning at first sight, last
longer, fill the aesthetic sense fuller, precede all the rest, and make North Americas characteristic landscape."
-- Walt Whitman, 19th century American poet